Snap & Win AEON Member Contests | AEON



Snap & Win AEON Member Contests by AEON

Contest period:

9 Jan – 9 Feb 2016


How to participate:

1. Participant(s) shall first sign-up or renew their AEON MEMBER membership to entitle for the Limited Edition AEON MEMBER Card.

2. Participant(s) shall then take a picture with the Limited Edition AEON MEMBER Card in creative way and upload onto their own Instagram account.

3. Participant(s) are required to “Follow” the Organizer’s Instagram account ( Participant(s) are advise to set their Instagram account as “public”

4. Participant(s) are required to upload the aforesaid photo together with their Chinese New Year greetings follow by a Hash tag #AEONMEMBERCNY.

5. Each participant(s) are only allow to submit once 6. Picture(s) and/or messages with illegal contents or containing elements of explicit, violence, immoral, racist, defame or negatively impairing any third parties’ image/reputation will be disqualified from this Contest



100 x Zwilling TWIN Point Slicing Knife of value worth RM 189.00 each