Win 1 year worth of GSC Movie vouchers | GSC

Win 1 year worth of GSC Movie vouchers from GSC

Design GSC’s popcorn box and stand a chance to win 1 year worth of GSC Movie vouchers and get your design featured on the National Month! ?

Upload your design on Instagram with#SayangiMalaysiakuGSC by 4 July 2018!



20 June 2018 – 4 July 2018


Contest Prizes

Grand Prize x 2 Winners
– 1 Year worth of GSC Movie Vouchers
– Designs to be featured on the GSC Popcorn Box for the month of August*

Consolation Prize x 5 Winners
– 1 Month worth of GSC Movie Vouchers

How to Join?

Step 1: Download the GSC Popcorn Box Template here.
Full size/dimension requirements/details please read below.

Step 2: Get creative with the Popcorn Box, capture & upload your work on Instagram with hashtag #SayangiMalaysiakuGSC

Please note the following:

– The measurement of the popcorn box is indicated in the file. In order to showcase your design, GSC recommends that you print it out, capture your design, and then upload it on Instagram.

– Be creative with your design – you can design and draw by hand, design using digital software, or by any means.

– To be eligible for the contest, the design will need to be associated with Malaysia’s National Day.

– Please be mindful that if you are chosen as the winner, GSC will need to get your design for their popcorn box printing. Therefore it is highly recommended that you follow their measurement guidelines to ensure the graphics quality.

– If you are chosen as the winner, they will need to get the designs (soft/hard copy whichever applies) from you. Kindly DO NOT discard your design before the winner announcement!

– If you have discarded the design, they will have to choose another winner.

– You can join as many times as you want, with different designs/concept.

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