Relocating Clearance Sale | Switch @ The Mines



Relocating Clearance Sale at Switch @ The Mines

Switch @ The Mines is relocating to a bigger and better location. And lucky you, this mean clearance sale for all of their accessories.

They have brands such as Adams Elements, Belkin, Cote & Ciel, Element Case, Mocran, M. Craftsman, Ozaki, Parrot, Spigen and so much more!

Guess what?!! They have very limited Apple products as well!

Terms & Conditions
1. All purchases made are at customers own risk
2. Warranty duration may vary depending on product.
3. Items involved in the clearance are either new / demo units /incomplete sets / ageing products / warranty claimed units.
4. Switch will not be responsible for wrongful purchases which may result in items not functioning as intended.
5. Products purchased may not include preinstalled softwares such as iWork and iLife. Customers may need to  purchase the softwares should they require to use it.
6. Only ONE Apple Core Product purchase per person at any one time.
7. No purchase limit for non-Apple brand accessories.
7. Cash terms only. Credit card purchases must be valued above RM 1000.
8. First come first served basis. No reservations allowed.
9. Only 5 persons are allowed into the clearance zone at any one time.
10. Only selected non-Apple brand accessories has warranty. Ask their crew for more info.
11.Switch has the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.

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Below are the list of Apple products on sale: