1,000 Ayam Brand gift sets and 5 VR goggles to be won with the prizes valued at RM53,000! Watch the Racing to Space videos and answer the questions for a chance to win! :http://www.ayambrand.com.my/racing-to-space.html


Contest Period:

20 Nov 2017 to 01 Dec 2017



The total amount of winners will be as follows:

  • Ayam Brand gift box – 1000 Winners – The 1000 most accurate answers with the most creative slogan will win the Ayam Brand gift box as follows:
    • 1st 200 winners: 3 Chili Tuna 160g + 1 Shopping Bag
    • 2nd 200 winners: 2 Sardine Ovals 215g + 1 Shopping Bag
    • 3rd 200 winners: 2 Stir Fry Asian sauces (1 Oyster sauce 210ml + 1 Hoi Sin sauce 210ml) + 1 Shopping Bag
    • 4th 200 winners: 1 Rendang Curry Paste 100g + 1 Coconut Milk 200ml + 1 Shopping Bag
    • 5th 200 winners: 1 Laksa Curry Paste 100g + 1 Coconut Milk 200ml + 1 Shopping Bag.
  • Virtual Reality Goggles (Xiaomi Mi VR Play) – 5 Winners – The 5 most creative slogans among the 1000 winners of the Ayam Brand gift box


How to participate:
  1. No proof of purchase is required to enter this Contest.
  2. Register for the Contest by completing the online entry form on http://www.ayambrand.com.my/space-contest.html
  3. Watch the video at the top of the Contest Website and answer the questions found on the Contest form. There will be five questions.
    • First question – Which balloon FIRST reached an altitude of 12,000 meters?
    • Second question – Which balloon went the HIGHEST
    • Third Question – In which YEAR did Alfred Clouet, the founder of Ayam Brand, establish his company in Singapore ?
    • Fourth question – Ayam Brand worked closely with a famous NGO to create SASPO, an organisation promoting sustainable palm oil to fight haze and deforestation.
      What is the NAME of this NGO?
    • Fifth question – Write a SLOGAN for Ayam Brand
  4. Any submission or communication provided to us via other means such as email or Facebook tools (Comment Box or Private Message) will not be considered as valid entry or proof of entry.
  5. Each participant can enter the Contest only once.